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‘Deadly Serious’, 2016
h/t Herluf Bidstrup
Excerpts from an interview with Thomas Kong, 2015
At Kim's Corner Food, Chicago

Also published in Steven Husby, BE HAPPY, Margin Creep, Chicago, 2016
Untitled text, 2015
To accompany Tim Woodward's The Sun's Been Up For Hours
BLINDSIDE, Melbourne
‘The Quality of an Omen’, 2014
On the prophetic potential of art and non-art objects
Chicago Artist Writers (Chicago)
‘Homeland Grunge’, 2013
Fictional review of Wu Mingshi's Coils, Jingwang Homeland, Beijing, China
Dissect (Melbourne), Issue 1
Concrete Flux (Beijing), Issue 1
‘Minor Ruptures’, 2012
Catalogue essay for Jessie Scott's Death Watch
Screen Space, Melbourne